Month: June 2018

Bitcoin: How It All Started

Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency. It appeared quite unexpectedly in 2009. Some people state that Bitcoin appeared as the reaction to financial crisis of 2008. National financial systems proved to be unreliable. Cryptocurrency was a natural answer to attract new financing.

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency introduced to financial virtual market. It is a currency that is fully independent of any national bank. It is a unique phenomenon in the world of finance.

What Is Blockchain

Blockchain was introduced into the market in 2009. It was developed to support launch of Bitcoins into the virtual market. It was developed by IT genius, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain technology is based on IT and mathematical algorithms. It helps to conduct thousands of transactions in seconds. This technology helps to perform and manage multiple tasks online., and at the same time preserve all data about all activities and transactions done in the system.