Top Ten Recommendations For Successful ICO

Initial coin offering is one of the leading business innovations. It enables a person to make money in a new way. It fully operates on the virtual market.

Many people are sceptical about initial coin offerings. The practice show ICO projects can be successful and profitable. If an investor chooses the right project, he will have a good return on investment.

Recommendations To Follow

To get profit from ICO, an investor has to take correct investment decisions. Here are top recommendations of how to invest money in initial private offerings:

  • Read some information about startups. A success in start up activity depends not only on the idea, it also depends on people. Read who initiated startups. You should pay attention to what type of experience they had. If they are experienced, the chance business project will be successful is bigger.
  • Read carefully the project idea. You should not invest, basing your decision on a guess. Before taking a decision, read a lot about the project.
  • Learn what is time framework of project realization. If the founder does not know when business brings profits, this project will never work out. There is a need to identify a clear timeline  of project implementation.
  • Discover what earnings founders expect to get. When people decide to start a business, they make financial prognosis. Learn the level of earnings expected on the project. It will give you at least a clear understanding of the scale of business.
  • Learn how relevant business idea is in present market conditions. It is very important. A startup project can seem brilliant, but the current state of economy won’t accept it.
  • Evaluate the volume of finance the founders want to attract, compared to real necessities the project has. Founders have to identify the overall sum they need to start  a business. They can not get mistaken in numbers.
  • What sum you can invest. If you are new to investment, there is no need to put that much money in ICO projects. Some of the startups fail, and you won’t be able to do much about it.
  • Evaluate when you will get a return on investment. It is a very beneficial prognosis. You should know when you can get any money.
  • Choose several startups. Diversification is a right strategy in investment. Invest little, but into several projects. If any fails, you will have at least some small profit from others.
  • Find out what type of tokens you can invest. In ICO, tokens get monetised as the  business performs well. Make sure to use tokens that can be later on invested in other startups.

These are main recommendations to follow. You will gain success using them.