Bitcoin: How It All Started

Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency. It appeared quite unexpectedly in 2009. Some people state that Bitcoin appeared as the reaction to financial crisis of 2008. National financial systems proved to be unreliable. Cryptocurrency was a natural answer to attract new financing.

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency introduced to financial virtual market. It is a currency that is fully independent of any national bank. It is a unique phenomenon in the world of finance.

How Bitcoins Were Introduced Into Market

A term ‘bitcoin’ was first coined back in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. domain was registered a month before. Satoshi Nakamoto is still an unknown figure. It can be both an individual, or a group of people.

Bitcoins fulfilled necessity of a market to get new financial inflow. That is why the project got investors from the very beginning. Many teenagers who invested in Bitcoins became millionaires eventually.

Price of this e-money was rather high and stable. This later on changed as the world economy got stabilized. Today, cryptocurrency loses its value a bit. This does not mean it will disappear. Each type of currency suffers from certain fluctuations from time to time. Overall, many expects put high expectations with the modern cryptocurrencies.

What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins were introduced into market rapidly. People who invested in first e-money gained very high return on investment. Here are main features of this cryptocurrency:

  • It is not regulated at all. It is not assigned to any national bank, or international financial bodies.
  • It is a currency you can buy products and services for. A first payment with this e-money was released in the US. From that time on, it is one of the popular methods of payment.
  • Not all countries legally accept bitcoins. The major financial players understand that cryptocurrency is the future. However, national governments are not really willing to legalize bitcoins on a market. They are afraid it will destabilise national currencies.
  • It is possible to buy cryptocurrency for real money. Every person can try their luck in buying e-money. For that, a person has to choose a broker exchange website. Using a credit card, a debit card, or Paypal account, an investor can buy e-currency there.
  • Accumulation of cryptocurrency is possible thanks to blockchain technology. It allows to mine bitcoins online.

Every business person today should know these facts.

Investment Projects With Cryptocurrency

Very often investors understand that it is possible not only to buy and sell cryptocurrency to make money. They understand that a good idea is to invest e-money into virtual startups. This way, ICO, or initial coin offering phenomenon, has emerged. ICO is the future of cryptocurrency. It allows this currency to keep high positions on financial markets.

E-currency got diversified with time. There appeared other types of digital money. It proves that cryptocurrency will dominate financial market further on. Most financial experts believe that the future of global economy depends heavily on development of the cryptocurrencies.